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Monterey Colonial homes are mostly found in the more affluent neighborhoods of Pasadena.  They usually cost somewhere in the high $700,000 and plus range.  However, there are some that can be found for a lesser price.

Monterey Colonial architecture made its appearance in California around 1835 when Thomas O. Larkin built his very unique Monterey Colonial Style home in Monterey. He is one of the pioneering architects of this style of construction. The Larkin House, built in 1835 is a National Historic Landmark today.

Monterey Colonial architecture dates back to the time California was still under Mexican Rule and one of the places that has some famous examples of Monterey Colonial style is Pasadena. Pasadena's rich and colorful history dates back to 1883 when pioneers - Ezra Dane and David MacPherson settled in this region and started orchards. Historically, the architecture in Pasadena is rich in its variety of styles and the Monterey Colonial style made its appearance around the late 1800's and became an alternative choice to the prevailing Craftsman style of architecture, which was predisposed to darker interiors.

Some examples of the Monterey Colonial Style homes can be seen in the Historic Highlands District of Pasadena. Other classic Monterey Colonial homes can be found in Madison Heights on Magnolia Avenue and throughout other Pasadena neighborhoods.

What makes Monterey Colonial houses special is their ambiance of warmth and spaciousness. There is a distinct sense of comfort and style that you feel walking through these homes. This architecture is characterized by a symmetrical layout, picket fences, gable roofs with shingles, and long balconies. The windows are normally double-hung and have louvered shutters. The plaster walls of these properties make for great weather control. The size and majesty of these homes are a huge part of their charm and in fact have, in turn, influenced other styles of architecture as well.

By and large Monterey Colonial homes in Pasadena retain almost all these special characteristics with a few components being tweaked slightly for specific needs. The unique feature of these homes is they blend Spanish adobe construction with English architecture. The lines of such home are beautifully simple and one of their standout features is the huge second floor balcony. The interior plans are usually very simple and often fall into an L shaped plan.

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