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California cottage style architecture is one of the few remaining hints to California's rustic past. Originally constructed in the relative wilderness of California in the mid-nineteenth to early twentieth century, historic california cottages featured wooden shingles and small floor plans. However, some cottages were even developed in the traditional log cabin design. Pasadena, California still has a few original California cottages remaining, as well as some newer buildings inspired by the architectural style.

California cottages first started popping up during the gold rush. Prior to this, most of the architecture in California had been Spanish influenced. Much of early Hollywood, prior to the construction of major studios, was actually constructed in a California cottage design. While today people enjoy the rustic architectural beauty of the style, these cottages were originally designed with mostly utilitarian interests. The heavy forests covering much of California provided ample wood for people to build their homes. Californian pioneers found it easy and inexpensive to simply cut their own wood to build their own cabin.

Many of the architects of California cottages are unknown, as they were simply poor pioneers trying to make it big in the west. This is also a reason why many cottages are so small. The pioneers constructed their entire cabins by hand. As such, they were often only one or two rooms. These cottages were heavily influenced by the architecture of the cottages in the American midwest and on the plains.

 A short drive from Pasadena, Redwood Hollow contains a collection of historic California cottages in La Jolla. These 20th century cottages were constructed in a style that was more common of coastal beach areas. However, there are also some classic examples of cottages that were commonplace among the interior wooded areas. Perhaps the most famous California cottage is a reconstruction of the architectural type seen at Walt Disney World's Hollywood Studios in Orlando, Florida. Near the entrance of the park, there is a gift stand and guest services center that displays the traditional California cottage design. Of course, there is no better place than Pasadena if one wants to see true examples of classic California cottages.

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