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Pasadena is known for a variety of architectural styles including modern and character homes.  Many of these homes are listed for sale.

Art Deco's eclectic style and design has its roots in Paris and gained popularity internationally.  This geometric based style combines elements of antique culture with a Machine Age vibe from the 1920s and 30s.  It is an ornamental style, and its lavishness is attributed to reaction to the forced austerity imposed by World War I.

Did you know that Art Deco style was used in many different structures? It was suitable for modern contexts, including Golden Gate Bridge, interiors of cinema theaters (a prime example being the Paramount Theater in Oakland, California) and ocean liners such as the Île de France, Queen Mary, and Normandie.

Art Deco History

Art Deco was used extensively in the United States for railway stations during the 1930s, designed to represent the modernity and efficiency of railway trains. Around the world, a number of amusement parks were constructed with inter-war art-deco architecture, of which surviving examples include Playland (New York) and Luna Park Sydney.

Art Deco used many distinctive styles, but one of the most significant of its features was its dependence upon a range of ornaments and motifs.

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