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Mid Century architecture was a building style that was very popular in American suburbs during the period following World War Two. Based on Frank Lloyd Wright's beliefs in organic design, Mid Century architecture was marked by open floor plans, and simple, clean lines. Architects who designed in this style sought to build homes that looked natural in their surroundings and were functional for the families who lived in the homes. This style of modern homes had Brazilian and Scandinavian influences, and there were many international architects who utilized this design style. In California, the style was so popular that examples of the architecture were called, "California Modern".

One of the famous firms that built homes in the Mid Century style was McCarthy, Zemke and Hartfelder. These architects built distinctly American Pasadena homes in the 1950s. This was an era of great optimism, and the architecture of Pasadena reflects this modern attitude. The rooms were distinguished by large, open spaces and big windows to allow the natural light to permeate every corner. Another great architect who worked in Pasadena during this period was Theodore Pletsch. Pletsch famously designed Pasadena's first drive-up shopping center, and he also designed over 500 custom homes in the area over the course of his career. Pletsch's designs shared much of the Mid Century architectural sensibilities of his contemporaries, and his homes were built to be functional and inviting with open living spaces and many built-in modern conveniences. It's always fascinating to see any of Theodore Pletsch's classic homes when they come up for sale in Pasadena, California.

There are many examples of classic Mid Century architecture on Pasadena's real estate market. One of the most popular styles of the era was the Post-and-Beam design, which many people love because of the feeling of space it gives to a home. Many of these homes also have great interior architectural details such as cork floors, wood paneled walls and the use of stonework inside the home. One of the conveniences of Mid Century modern design is all of the built in storage space. When you are looking at homes in Pasadena California, be sure not to miss the Mid Century architecture that is so characteristic of the area. 

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