Interviewing to hire a real estate agent to sell your home? With 93% of all home buyers starting their home search on-line, one of the critical questions to ask is how will your real estate utilize internet to get your home the most visibility?

Most realtors will just place your home for sale in their MLS (Multiple Listing Service) and hope that the MLS will feed information to other sites. Oh... and let's not forget the sign on the lawn and the flyer box. Unfortunately, that's the extent of most real estate agent's marketing plan.

To get the top price for your home, your realtor needs to understand how to maximize all the resources available and have a comprehensive internet marketing and social media strategy.

Some of the questions to ask the realtor you're interviewing:

1. Which internet sites will my home be listed in?

2. Will you be able to list my home on all the major brokerage websites?

3. What is syndication and how will that be used to market my home?

4. Do you know how to optimize the listing of my home to ensure that it is at the top of the search page on real estate sites like

5. Do you have a facebook fan page and how many followers do you have?

6. Are you active on twitter? How many followers do you have?

7. Do you have a YouTube channel and what is your strategy on posting to YouTube?

8. What is the strategy for promoting my home on classified services? (and... I don't mean newspapers...)

9. Do you have a blog or a website? Both? How many and how is it optimized? What is the page rank? What is the traffic for your site? Can you support it by showing me Google Analytics numbers?

10. How do you use SEO? What is SEO? What does this mean for my home marketing?

11. Will your Realtor use PPC to market your home?

12. Most realtors will now offer a home listing site on your home's individual domain. However, the question to ask is, not only will your real estate agent offer that service, but where will this site be hosted? If it's not tied to a top rated optimized site, no one will find it.

And, of course... don't forget to GOOGLE YOUR REALTOR! You'd be surprised as to what you might find out.

Now... internet and social media strategy should not stand alone, but be part of a comprehensive marketing strategy. However, many real estate agents are not familiar with these strategies and continue to try and sell homes with old fashioned, traditional real estate techniques. If you want top dollar for your home, make sure that the realtor you hire is on top of the changing real estate landscape and is a pioneer in social media and internet marketing.

Why is Social Media a critical part of your home's selling strategy?

Call me today, to see how your home can get the best of both traditional and internet marketing and understand the 5 critical areas that need to be addressed to get you what you want in the time you want it. Get your home sold for top dollar!


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