We haven't seen much rain in California, but when it does rain it truly pours. When it pours we have a ghastly amount of mudslides, flooding, trees falling, roof leaks and a few more distresses that home owners encounter. It is absolutely important to perform preventive measures that can help deter these catastrophes from our homes and minimize the damage. This article will go over a few areas of the home that you will want to take care of before the next rainstorm hits.

Rain Maintenance for your Home

The most important part of everyone’s home that is a definite must to maintain is the drainage system. Most homes fall victim to clogged drains and clogged gutters around the roof. Those gutters near the roof won’t unclog themselves once the rain starts pouring. The gutters will eventually get clogged, become overweight and could potentially collapse. The accumulation of wet leaves, dirt, water and possibly bird poop may bring them down. Not only that but the debris that goes down the gutter tube which lead to the outside drainage which may also cause the gutters to get clogged. So... it is always important, especially, if you have trees surrounding your home as we do here in Pasadena, to inspect the gutters monthly. Always keep them cleared and ready for the next rainfall

The other vital drains on the outside of the home that lead directly to the street should also be checked monthly. There will be days and even months in between rain falls which might mean the dirt or mud that was going down the drainage pipe could have dried up. This dried up dirt can form into a clay-like material which may cause flooding around your house. Most drainage pipes run from the left and ride side of the home to the street. If they ever get clogged then have a professional plumber use a hydro-Jet water machine to clear them out. If there are roots then the plumber can snake that area, cut the roots and then hydro-jet the rest to clear it. In addition, if you plan on planting a tree anywhere around your home then double check to see if a drainage pipe is running below. As the tree grows, its roots will ultimately destroy those drainage pipes. That alone could cost you a couple hundred dollars to re-do or even thousands.

Besides the drainage system around your home one should also maintain any hillside, vegetation or planters. If you live on a hillside then a great preventive measure to take is to build a retaining wall. However, building a retaining wall can be quite costly and before you decide to get it done get several estimates for your home and check the contractor's references.

Flooding around the foot of your home risks the possibility of water getting into the home and causing mold to grow inside of walls. Most homes are built with enough protection to prevent this from happening but the longer you let that water sit the more chance there is that it can eat through the stucco, seep through the cracks and get into the house.

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