Pasadena residents have experienced a number of minor earthquakes in March, 2014. Thankfully, most have not been centered in Pasadena, but a bit of shaking and rolling always makes us take a look at our preparedness level.  The Pasadena Views Real Estate Team wanted to help you prepare for the next one. 

The earthquake supplies kit

Prepare kits that you can place in your home, your car and even in the workplace. They should be easily accessible and also kept updated by checking expiration dates on food and battery functions for flashlights. Now is a good time to do that!

The kit should provide for your whole family, don't forget the pets,  and include things such as food, water, hygiene products, clothing, flashlights, batteries, first aid supplies and other supplies. Make sure to have enough to last for at least three days to a week, or longer if possible. Also, keep some cash in the kit since ATM machines can be hard to access in the event of an earthquake.

Staying updated with the news and disaster alerts in Pasadena

By keeping updated with the news and also by receiving alerts you have a better chance to prepare yourself and everyone in your home for what actions to take.  The City of Pasadena offers their residents a Local Emergency Alert System called PLEAS. By signing up to PLEAS you will receive both voice messages and text messages incase of a citywide or major emergency. To get more information about PLEAS, go to 

How to keep your home safe when the earthquake hits

The recommendation when the disaster hits is to stay in doors if possible. Therefore, you want to makes sure that objects that can fall are secured properly. Any heavy objects, breakable glass, china etc. should be kept low and in closed cabinets with latches. Larger and heavier wall items such as frames and mirrors should be fastened to the wall and kept away from beds and couches.

All homeowners should strap their water heaters, furnace and gas appliances to the wall studs and bolt them to the floor. It might also be recommended by your gas company to have an automatic gas shut-off valve installed. Repairs of deep cracks in the foundation or ceilings can also help keep your home safer in an earthquake. Please make sure to get expert advice when it comes to your private residence and how to make it as safe as possible.

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