Usually, when a buyer purchases a Pasadena home, one of the first things that their Pasadena real estate agent will recommend that they do will be a home inspection.

A common home inspection usually takes anywhere from 3 to 5 hours depending on the size of the home and after the inspection, a buyer will receive a pretty complete report identifying both small and large items.

The home inspection also takes place in the first week or ten days of the escrow AFTER an offer on your home has been accepted. The buyer will review the list of items on the inspection report and will submit a list to you the seller of items/conditions that they will want you to repair, replace or give the buyer credit for. This is a perfect opportunity to re-negotiate the price of the home for many a savvy buyer.

This is usually step 2 in home price negotiations.

As a seller, you can prevent further negotiations AFTER the home sale price has been set and accepted by ordering your own home inspection report PRIOR to listing your Pasadena home for sale.

By having this inspection done in advance, you can take steps to repair as many items as you and your Pasadena Realtor feel necessary to ensure a quick sale of your home. In most instances, these repairs will cost you less to do up front with your choice of contractors.

Seondly and most importantly, your Pasadena Real Estate Agent will be able to present this home inspection report to all potential buyers for review BEFORE the price is negotiated and accepted. This way, items that have been repaired can be pointed out to the buyer and they can sign off on the review and the receipt of the report so there are no surprises later on when they hire their own inspector.

A pre-inspection of your home can save you lots of money and take away some of the stress in selling your Pasadena home.

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