Oba Sushi

Kunche loves Pasadena and she loves the Japanese restaurant business. It's this passion for Pasadena and her consumer driven approach to provide the best service and the freshest food in the area that drove her and her partner, Alvie to open Oba Sushi Izakaya Restaurant.

I want to please my customers. After being on the floor for so many years, I understand the needs and wants of consumers - says Kunche.

Oba Sushi Izakaya just celebrated its 4 week anniversary and when I visited there yesterday for lunch it was filled with happy customers. It has a Traditional Sushi bar focusing on basic sushi rolls without the use of heavy sauces. Although, if you request a special roll, the sushi chef will be more than happy to accommodate you. A visit to a local fish market takes place a couple of times a week where fish from Japan is purchased.

The weekly specials will focus on introducing different varieties of fish with unique texture like "live" sweet shrimp and sea eel that is not marinated.

The kitchen food is spectacular. The chef makes his own teriyaki sauce from scratch with simmering vegetables and beef bones. No canned sauces are used. Black tiger shrimp (the larger shrimp variety) is used in tempura and you just have to try the Sukiyaki.

For the health conscious, a variety of grilled fish is available. Ice cream is a hit with the kids.

Kunche has true Japanese beer and a nice choice of Sake which she will be updating every couple of months.

Alvie took a few minutes to talk about the reasons for opening Oba Sushi Izakaya. You can see his perspective below.


Kunche and Alvie in front of the Sushi Bar.

The restaurant itself is very comfortable and inviting and features sleek, modern lines with a calm grey color throughout. As explained below by the architect that designed it - Skyler Kogachi at Schism Design, Oba Sushi divided into two sections - a bar area with a large TV for Pasadena neighborhood gatherings and a sushi bar area which offers a quiet and relaxing atmosphere. Sit down tables are set against large windows.

Oba Sushi Izakaya is open for lunch and dinner. Lunch is served Monday through Friday between 11:30 am and 2:30 pm and offers a nice selection of lunch boxes ranging between $8.50 and $10. Oba Sushi Izakaya is open for dinner 7 days a week from 5:30 until 10 pm.

If you enjoy great service, fresh sushi and a friendly atmosphere, you will not be disappointed in Oba Sushi Izakaya. Give them a try and tell them that Irina sent you!

Oba Sushi Izakaya

181 east glenarm street, #110 pasadena, california 91105