When buyers open the door to your home, is your entry making a great first impression? Buyers make a lot of decisions in those first few seconds upon entering your home. If your entry is dark, crowded or just plain boring, you may be losing your chance to get them the rest of the way into your home and onto writing that important offer to buy.

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The entry to your home should always keep super clean, super neat and super bright. Lots of homeowners prefer to remove their shoes at the door before entering the rest of the home. But you cannot leave your shoes piled up at the doorways. You must keep your shoes neatly in the closets. Nothing turns off a buyer faster than walking into to a pile of some-one's shoes. And while we are on the subject of shoes, resist the temptation to place shoe booties at the door for buyers to wear as they tour your home. The message you are sending to them is that the floors are difficult to keep clean, which is not a feature most buyers are looking for when choosing which home to purchase.

Keep a light on in your entry at all times. Your entryway needs to be bright and will feel more open with the extra light on. If your foyer is small, you can hang a mirror so that it feels more open. If you use a console table here, be sure that it does not impede with the flow of traffic. You want buyers to have easy access in and out of your home. Interesting artwork on the wall and fresh flowers or a beautiful sculpture on the table will set the mood for the entire home tour.

If you have rugs in your entry, it is probably best to remove them. Area rugs have a tendency to make rooms look smaller. If your foyer is large, use a round rug.

Make the entry of your home light, refreshing and exciting. Give buyers a little taste of what they can expect to see in the rest of your home the moment they open your door. Make your home's first impression a great one!

Posted by Nickie Rothwell, GetStaged2Sell.

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