If you own your home you have the freedom to let your creativity flow when making your interior design choices. There are no limitations for what colors you can paint your walls, what furniture to use or what material your floors should have. Are you the daring type that go for the vivid colors or do you prefer the calmer shades? We wanted to share some interior trends that are hot for this summer and throughout the year!

Cold or warm colors?
To find out what's trending in the color section we turned to ELLE Décor for inspiration. This year we found certain grays and blues that are quite popular. Flower and garden inspired colors such as Radiant Orchid, Cayenne and Violet Tulip have also made it on the list. If you are not too keen on going with the vibrant colors you can choose to just paint one wall in this color and leave the rest neutral. A splash of color gives your home depth and character.

Help your walls come to life
By looking at your interior walls as canvasses it might be easier to be daring when creating wall art. There are several ways to create texture to your walls and a small details goes a long way! 3D wall art is decorative interior art that can be in the form of flowers, metal shapes and more. Other wall textures can cover the whole wall with ripple patterns. Click here to get some more inspiration for cool wall ideas. 

Here is an excerpt of our article

"Summer is here and it's a season associated with many different feelings and impressions. Flowers are in full bloom, fruits are changing colors and overall everything feels a bit warmer and sun-kissed. In Pasadena our roads are experiencing the purple explosion from all the blossoming Jacaranda trees!"

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