Over the last couple of days, I've been taking long walks around Pasadena and San Marino and looking at all the amazing decorations that are gracing our beautiful homes. It's no small feat to put some of these up. I, for one, am not much for decorating - maybe it's the lack of time or just not enough creativity - I don't know. My decoration was three huge pumpkins (2 of which unfortunately walked away off of my porch a few days ago) and a door hanger.

This morning, as I'm watching my kids put together their costumes, get the cookies and cups ready for school parties and talk about this evening's activities, I'm reflecting on how commercialized Halloween is getting. This is not going to be a rant, but out of curiousity, I wanted to look at some Halloween facts as presented by National Retail Federation.

  • "This year, the average person plans to spend $66.54 on the holiday, up from $64.82 one year ago. Total Halloween spending for 2008 is estimated to reach $5.77 billion."
  • "This year, consumers will spend an average of $24.17 on Halloween costumes (including costumes for adults, children, and pets). People will also be buying candy ($20.39 on average), decorations ($18.25) and greeting cards ($3.73)."
  • National Retail Federation estimates that total Halloween spending is expected to reach $5.77 billion
  • Halloween remains most popular with young adults, as 18-24 year-olds plan to spend $86.59 on the holiday, the most of any group.

Are folks trying to get away from the economical roller coaster by focusing on Halloween? Is it because, Halloween falls on a Friday this year, that adults are taking more of an effort in decorating and getting ready to celebrate?

As my social media buddy, Dave Taylor asks - What will Halloween look like 20 years from now?

What are you doing around Pasadena to celebrate Halloween this year?

Whatever you do STAY SAFE and HAVE FUN!!!