Summer is often associated to vacations and fun activities. However, if you live in the San Gabriel Valley summer is the time when you would rather stay indoors because of the sweltering heat! Home owners usually try to avoid using their air conditioner in order to save energy. We wanted to share some useful tips on home improvements and creative ways to keep the heat out of the house and keep the inside nice and cool.

Everything from your walls, roof, windows and the color of your exterior walls can affect the way heat is absorbed and cool air is retained in the home. Talk to a contractor to learn more about what you can do to improve the insulation and windows quality of your house. Remember to always keep doors and windows closed to avoid hot air coming into the house.

Your garden can also be a tremendous help to create shade and keep your home cool. By being smart about landscaping you can reduce the temperature in and around your home by a few temperatures.

Here's an excerpt from the article:

"Create shade either from trees, arbors, pergolas or awnings for east and west facing windows to help preserving the cool on the inside. If you enjoy gardens and would like to make the most out of yours, why not plant some beautiful fruit trees such as persimmon or orange trees? While creating that much needed shade you will also be able to harvest some delicious fruits as soon as they’re ripe! It is estimated that tree-shaded neighborhoods can have 3-6 degrees cooler air temperatures during the day."

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