Okay, I've been struggling with something for a few weeks now and decided that I can't do it alone. So... that's the reason for this post. I need YOUR help!

I have been trying to come up with a catchy term for "stale" home listings.

What is a stale listing? A home listing that has been sitting on the market, in our Pasadena MLS for over 3 months with no takers.

Pasadena home buyers are not interested in these home listings because they're either over priced, not marketed properly by the real estate agent or are just plain overlooked by the Pasadena real estate community for a variety of reasons.

As new homes come up on the Pasadena Real Estate Market, the first few weeks are critical to the successful sale of that home at the best price.

This is the time when most Pasadena Realtors will preview the homes on the Pasadena weekly broker tours. Open Houses will drive a lot of new home buyer traffic during the first weekend or two of the home being placed on the market and on-line marketing is at its strongest with search engines picking up the new home listing.

As time goes by, these in most instances, overpriced homes, sit on the market and lose value day by long day. This offers an amazing opportunity for my Pasadena home buyers to pick up these homes at a great price.

So... getting to the point here... what I would like to do is provide a monthly list of these "stale" homes to my readers and clients. And to do that, I need a catchy name for this list of homes. For example, a real estate agent in San Franciso, Alexander Clark, has come up with a great, catchy name for his list of homes that he calls his StaleFish List.

My creative juices are just not flowing and I'm getting some major writer's block here, so I am hoping you can help me come up with a name that would be perfect for our Pasadena Real Estate Market's stale homes.

If you have a suggestion, please comment below. If I end up using the name you suggest, I will thank you by giving you a $100 gift certificate to your favorite restaurant.

So come one... what are you waiting for? Please help a desperate realtor. :-)