garage conversions pasadena

Most home owners with a single family residence have an enclosed garage that many times becomes storage space. Often that storage space contains objects that will never again be used so why not utilizing it for something else? By emptying the garage you will very quickly see that it could actually be an extra room or workspace. Basically an added 400 sq.ft that already has a foundation and with a little imagination, everything is possible!

Converting a garage can be fun but should also be done with utmost care. Before making any changes we do recommend that you first check with your local planning and development departments to make sure that you will not have any problems on resale. One example is that when selling a home in Pasadena, you as the owner have to provide the buyer with a City Occupancy clearance. What that means is that a city inspector will come out and look for certain safety items, check on permits for any changes done to the house and whether or not you have a usable garage.

The really great thing about garages is that they usually have a structure that is ready to be converted into a functional room. To create a comfortable and livable room you may want to put in a nice floor and more insulation. However, if you're looking to create a work space or art studio you might be better off keeping the concrete floor for durability. If you are unfamiliar with construction work we do recommend that you contact a contractor and do your due diligence when it comes to city building codes.

Here's an excerpt from our article:

"Have fun with your garage conversion! The garage door space can become a huge window or kept as is, in order to have a large opening to the outdoors. Paint the walls in funky colors and make it into a play room for the kids! So, if you are a home owner and have a garage that is not utilized and you need more space see it as a bonus room that can help you add another 400 Sq.Ft. to your home!"


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