A few days ago, we talked about what takes place at a Termite Inspection. As a recap, in California, a termite inspection is part of the process of selling a home. The home seller is usually responsible for providing the termite report and paying for certain items on that report.

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Today, I've asked Fernando from Del Rio Termite to explain a little more about what is on the Termite Report. Here's what he had to say:

Irina: After the Termite Inspection, we receive a report and it is usually broken out into two sections - Section 1 and Section 2. How would you explain the differences between these two sections?

Fernando: Section 1 items are anything that's active (infestation)... for example, anything that a termite destroyed or a termite infestation itself. That is considered a Section 1 item. Section 2 items are any items that can lead to a termite infestation. For example, cellulose debris, earth to wood contact, etc. Those would be considered Section 2 items.

Irina: What is cellulose debris?

Fernando: Cellulose debris is any old cardboard or any debris left after construction at the house or debris left after any type of construction work underneath the house. That would be considered cellulose debris.

Irina: So we get the termite report. The report is then provided to both the seller and the home buyer. And... usually, standardly, what we see in Pasadena is that the home seller pays for any work under Section 1 items and the home buyer would pay for any work under section 2 items. Right before we close escrow, we call you out again should there be any work that needs to be done. That work is then performed. And... just curious in your experience what are you seeing as far as how much Section 1 work will cost the home seller?

Fernando: Well... we live in California where termites are very common. On a regular 2 to 3 bedroom house, you will probably find somewhere between $600 to about $1,200, pretty much. That's kind of a fair estimate. Now... if you are talking about a fumigation where you would need to tent the entire property and maybe some subterranean spraying, then we're talking somewhere between $1,200 to $1,700 - give or take - depending on the square footage of the property, of course.

Irina: And, that's when you tent the house, right? How bad would it have to be for you to consider tenting the house?

Fernando: We consider tenting, pretty much, when we find inaccessible areas (when infestation extends to inaccessible areas.) That's pretty much when you would recommend a fumigation or if we see a very, very heavy infestation.

If you'd like to talk to Fernando, you can reach him at Del Rio Termite at (626) 201-9853. Do you have any questions about termites in California or real estate transactions, in general? If so, send them to me at Irina(at)PasadenaViews(dot)com or just leave a comment below, and we'll try to address them.