In our last post, I promised to give you my opinions on whether or not you should put your Pasadena home on the market during the holidays. I am sure that you've been seeing articles where real estate experts take very strong positions on this subject, both pro and con. I hate to be non-committal here, but I really don't think that there's an answer that is right for all.

Here are my thoughts based on experience...

Do homes sell in December? Yes! I showed several homes over the weekend and when I spoke with the real estate agent representing the buyer, was told that there are several offers on the property. When I review showing statistics on my own listings, I see that buyers are still out there, but definitely, we're not seeing as many as we did last month. So... what does it all mean?

  • The home buyers that we're seeing this time of year are SERIOUS buyers... not many looky loos. - PRO
  • We are seeing multiple escrows... well priced and presented homes are selling! - PRO
  • Homes show beautifully during the holidays, because they sparkle. There's a sense of comfort and happy families... they just feel good. - PRO
  • There are definitely less buyers looking. What this means that if the right buyer for your home does not come along, your home might be considered "aged" in the eyes of future buyers who will be looking at time on the market. - CON
  • Sellers that occupy homes that they're selling will definitely encounter some inconveniences... scheduling their activities around home buyers. - CON

So... should you put your home on the market now? Absolutely! If you don't mind putting up with some inconvenience. It has to be showcased, well marketed and priced well for it to sell.

What do you think?

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