Pasadena's first ECO HOUSE is coming to the hills - San Rafael Hills that is - near you!

Architecural Record reports that this home will be three-bedroom, single-level home encompassing 1,975 square feet will sit on an upper terrace of the lot, with a two-car garage under the house at street level. Grid-tied solar panels will supply power for the house. The SCIP design allows for a cantilevered roof with no visual supports, creating an uninterrupted view and indoor-outdoor living. The front facade, made of a glass door system that can slide into interior pockets of the living area, fully opens. Inside, LED lights illuminate the house and complete the projects commitment to low-energy use.

This will be the first LEED (Leadership in Energy Efficiency and Environmental Design) home in the country and we are so excited to have it be built in Pasadena CA. I cant wait to see if this home will start a new movement of eco friendly homes!

Ground breaking is next month - May 2008! For more information, please visit

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