Hot off the presses from Dr. Gary Woods, San Marino Unified School Districts Superintendent.

We are preparing for a $1.3 million shortfall as a result of the Governors Proposed Budget for 2008-2009. SMUSD is a world-class educational program because our community has invested in programs and people that set us apart from average school districts. There is not a single program that we offer that should not exist. We must balance our budget by June 30. Below is a list of program changes (presented below by school site/level) which will be seen throughout the District if we are short the necessary funds to preserve what we have today.


Increase class-sizes by 35%. Consequences:
· Classes of 20 become classes of 28
· Classes of 28 become classes of 35-38
Subjects impacted:
· Spanish and French
· Math (Honors and Advanced Placement)
· English 

Reduce course offerings or instructional support in:

  • Music (choral and instrumental)
  • Visual Arts
  • Performing Arts (drama and dance)
  • Technology
  • Library Services

Eliminate assistant athletic coaches

Reduction of counseling services

  • Less time preparing/altering student schedules for their course progression at SMHS
  • Less time preparing college recommendation letters and advising students on application progress and process
  • Less time for additional student counseling services
Increase class-sizes by 35% Consequences:
· Classes of 20 become classes of 28
· Classes of 28 become classes of 35
Subjects impacted:
· History
· Music
· English 

Eliminate course offerings:

  • Zero Period Offerings: advance orchestra, wind ensemble, choir
  • 6th Grade Choir
  • Annual Musical
  • Advanced Technology for 8th Grade
  • After school sports (intramural/traveling team)

Limited library access

Increase class sizes by 35%
  • Classes of 20 will become classes of 28
  • Classes of 28 will become classes of 35

Need to create multi-grade combination classes (i.e., a combined 1st and 2nd grade classroom)

Impact to student programs

  • Reduce enrichment opportunities (library, music, art)
  • Reduce science lab opportunities
  • Physical education classes (fewer days, larger classes)
  • Reduce technology instruction
  • District contribution to field trips (fully funded by parents)

Reduce student supervision for:

  • Before and after school
  • Lunch time
  • Physical education classes
Jeopardize our standing as a top-ranked academic public school district


  • Broken computers or connections would not be fixed or replaced
  • Halt Model Classroom program
  • Compromise collaborative and instructional use of advanced technology in the classroom

Reduction of facility maintenance

  • Classrooms and facilities cleaned less often
  • Facility set up for events minimized
  • Elimination of preventative maintenance for facilities

Reduce administrative/clerical support

Please visit the San Marino Schools Foundation site and learn how you can help us protect and preserve our world-class programs.