San Marino homes are missing in action... there's very limited inventory of homes for sale in San Marino under $2 million. Only a few homes are available for sale under $1.5 million and plenty of home buyers ready to move their families into this exclusive city and send their kids to the best rates school district in California.

Looking at the last couple of months, the average sales price of a home in San Marino is close to $2 million and only a few homes came up on the market in February. The three homes listed were between $1.98 Million and $5.388 Million.

Single Family Residence Dec-09 Jan-10 Feb-10
New Listings 7 7 3
Total Listings 25 24 22
Sales Pending 9 4 5
Homes Sold 15 8 3
Listings Expired 7 1 5
Average Days on the Market 41 57 213
Average Price Per Sq. Ft. $612 $593 $535
Median Selling Price $1,750,000 $1,429,900 $1,900,000
Average Selling Price $1,877,617 $2,153,100 $1,826,667
Absorption Rate (# of weeks to sell current inventory at present rate of sales) 7.2 13.0 31.8

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Here are some interesting San Marino real estate statistics:

Average San Marino Home Price Sold in January of 2010 was $2,153,000

Average San Marino Home Price Sold in February of 2005 was $1,670,000 - 9.3% lower than February 2010.

Average San Marino Home Price Sold in February of 2009 was $1,450,000 - 25.9% lower than February 2010.

San Marino's real estate 10 year trend:

This graph is pretty telling... San Marino homes continue to be a great investment. Price per square foot has more than doubled since February of 2000!

San Marino 10 year real estate trend

1 month 1 year 10 years
Nov 09 Feb 10 % Change Feb 09 Feb 10 % Change Feb 00 Feb 10 % Change
Avg. Sq. Ft. Price 566 607 7.3% 597 607 1.7% 303 607 100.5%

Real estate statistics above have been pulled from the Pasadena Foothill Association of Realtors, ITEC MLS.

If you are looking to buy a home in San Marino or just would like to keep abreast of the real estate inventory, take a look at the San Marino homes for sale below:



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