Pasadena Real Estate blog welcomes Brian Brady!

Pasadena Real Estate Blog is very excited to announce that Brian Brady is going to author weekly posts about mortgage rates and mortgage industry.

Brian is a 19 year veteran of the financial services industry. He started his career with Merrill Lynch, as a financial adviser, right after he graduated Villanova University.

He moved out west in 1992 and have worked in residential real estate lending since 1994. He has originated loans, managed branches, was the National Sales Manager for a regional mortgage bank, and successfully turned around an ailing mortgage banking firm to profitability.

He is now back to his first love - working with clients in a financial advisory capacity. Ron Feinberg appointed him as a Managing Director at World Wide Credit Corporation. a long-time mortgage banking and brokerage firm in San Diego. Brian considers himself a Mortgage Planner, which is a new title for mortgage originators who have expertise in financial planning. This means that you'll get a whole lot more than rate and points from him. He'll show you how to properly structure your debt so as to increase your liquidity, safety and return on your investments. He'll even show you a tax trick or two to run by your CPA.

Brian, welcome to the Pasadena Real Estate Blog!!!