Well, I've written about the lack of photos in our Multiple Listing Service and vented about this issue long enough here and on my other real estate blog - PasadenaViews. Now, I wish I could say that someone has listened at our real estate board, but that's not the case. Fortunately, the implementation of a new system called CARETS and the data integrity issues associated with that system, facilitated this change.

As of June 15th, all real estate agents in Pasadena are REQUIRED to have at least one photo uploaded with their home listing.

Also, real estate agents are finally required to mark their properties for sale to correctly identify whether or not a home listing is a short sale or a foreclosure. I can't tell you how often, I've shown a home to my home buyers only to find out later on that the home is a short sale and not a regular sale.

Oh... and how about the third rule about updating information about a home listing timely. Home buyers want to know whether or not a home is in escrow or sold or had a price redcrappy toilet - horror MLS photosuction. It's only common sense!

Here's what the Multiple Listing Service Announcement looks like:


Beginning Monday, Ju
ne 15th, the CARETS Data Integrity Standards will apply to all i-Tech listings. Most of the rules that you have been following will remain the same. Below are three key differences.

1. MANDATORY PICTURE: At least one (1) picture related to the listed property MUST be included within five (5) days of listing entry.

2. SHORT-SALE/REO: You may not include any information regarding a short-sale or REO/bank owned property in the Public Remarks of a listing, including that the listing is Not a Short-Sale or REO. Shortly i-Tech will add mandatory entry fields for both sale types. In the mean time, use the Short Pay and REO fields under TERMS to designate the type of sale. Special information on the sale may be placed in the Agent Remarks section.

3. SUBMISSION DEADLINES: Entry and changes to listings must be made within 48-hours of the event, excluding weekends and holidays.


Now if it was me, I'd add some additional rules. Let's see... how about:

  • No more BLURRY PHOTOS!
  • Let's have a minimum of 6 photos to ensure that Pasadena home buyers will have a better understanding of what a property is all about and not waste their time.
  • No photos with old "stamped" dates allowed.

I am sure there are quite a few more things that should be disallowed and actually insisted upon. Ultimately, it's what separates a great real estate agent that cares about the homes they sell and their clients from mediocre ones.

What do you think?


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