With Station Fire burning for the last week or so, home insurance carriers are taking a strong stand when it comes to providing fire insurance to Pasadena home buyers.

Station Fire Action

A United States Forest Service air tanker drops fire retardant next to a line of fire as the Station fire burns in the hills above a home in Acton last night (AP Photo/Dan Steinberg)

One of the conditions of getting a home loan is to provide evidence of fire insurance. Certain insurance carriers have advised home buyers that they are no longer writing insurance policies in certain zip codes until the Station Fire is out.

If you found a home and are currently in escrow with an anticipated closing date over the next few weeks, your closing might be affected. I currently have several home buyers in this situation. One of my buyers, who is buying a house in La Crescenta which is closer to the fire, was able to get the carrier to issue a home policy by increasing their deductable temporarily. Once the Station Fire is over, they will lower the deductible to the original policy agreement.

Another one of my home buyers, who is buying in the San Rafael hills of Pasadena, has been told that the entire zip code is not eligible for new insurance policies. Even though, this home is totally away from the fire zone and has not even come close to being evacuated.

So, if you are buying a home in Pasadena, La Crescenta, La Canada, Glendale and other fire affected cities, please contact your insurance carrier immediately to ensure that you will be able to get fire hazard policy and your home closing will not be affected.

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