There are two things that make Bradley Court stand out in Monterey Hills.

First, it's the only PUD (Planned Unit Development) in Monterey Hills. It consists of 16 spacious homes with their own garages and their own individual style.

Second, built in 2001, Bradley Court is the last property complex built on the hill, making it the newest.

These beautiful PUD style homes offer majestic views and a lot of interior space. Most are 3 bedrooms and 3 baths with over 1,600 sq. ft. A little private yard, a gourmet kitchen, bathroom with a spa are just some of the amenities of Bradley Court.

Bradley Court homes were selling originally in the $800,000 range. There was a recent sale, a short sale, that closed a few months ago for $655,000. Because there are only 16 units in this very small Monterey Hills complex, it's very rare to see a Bradley Court come up for sale on the Montere Hills real estate market.

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Monterey Hills Real Estate Market Report May through July 2008