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Monrovia Real Estate Market Report for the month of July 2008:

The median sales price of Monrovia Single Family Residence (SFR) has dropped from the high of approximately $650,000 last year to just around $575,000 as of August 3rd. The average price for last month is running in the low $513,000 range. The price per square foot has dropped accordingly and the market time is increasing to over 4 months.

The summer months have held pretty stable with most of the drop in price taking place in the winter and spring.

One of the concerns, potential buyers raise was the recent shooting at the Monrovia high school. In speaking with Monrovia residents, the general concensus is that the school and Monrovia police department are taking the necessary action to address the issues that lead up to the shooting.

Overall, this is a wonderful family community with older, character homes and stable long term residents.

All the real estate indicators are pointing to Monrovia presenting opportunities for buyers.

Single Family Residence Jul-08
New Listings 27
Total Listings 161
Sales Pending 23
Homes Sold 24
Listings Expired 12
Average Days on the Market 144
Average Price Per Sq. Ft. $350
Average Selling Price $513,854
Condos and Townhomes Jul-08
New Listings 9
Total Listings 20
Sales Pending 11
Homes Sold 6
Listings Expired 6
Average Days on the Market 224
Average Price Per Sq. Ft. $302
Average Selling Price $418,000

Data taken from ITEC (Pasadena Foothills Association MLS service)

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