An average price of a San Marino CA home for 2007 is $1,750,000. With San Marino Real Estate prices being so high, are all homes in San Marino considered luxury homes?

It's hard to come up with a definition of a luxury home. What's luxurious to some is just average to others.

Real Estate Agents in San Marino California and the rest of the country usually agree that a luxury home is usually at the top 10% of the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) prices for a particular area.

Looking at the last 136 home sales in San Marino, it's clear that if we apply the definition above, the luxury price point in San Marino starts at $3,000,000.

Currently, there are three luxury homes in San Marino California that fall into this category:


1390 Oxford Road, San Marino

Offered at $2,980,000 (a little below the $3 million point, but by just a touch.


2065 Courtland Avenue, San Marino

Offered at $4,530,000

1385 Old Mill Road, San Marino

Offered at $9,300,000

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