My last post identified the price point for luxury homes and estates for sale in San Marino, California.

It is clear that the top 10% of the San Marino Real Estate market is for homes costing $3,000,000 and above. I wanted to take a look at the 13 luxury homes in San Marino that were sold in 2007 and see what affluent San Marino home buyers expected to get for their money.

Below is a list of amenities and features of almost all the San Marino luxury homes reviewed:

  • LOCATION: All of these San Marino estates were North of Huntington Drive in close proximity to the Huntington Library or Lacy Park.
  • LARGE LOTS: Affluent San Marino luxury home buyers can expect at least 1/2 an acre of land. A lot of these homes had an acre of land or more.
  • FIVE is an IMPORTANT NUMBER: Almost all these San Marino estates had five or more bedrooms and offered more than 5,000 square feet in living space.
  • FORMAL DINING ROOM and FAMILY ROOM: All these San Marino homes had a formal dining room and a family Room
  • TWO STORIES: 12 out of 13 San Marino homes sold over $3,000,000 last year were two stories. Some had lifts.
  • POOL & SPA: Most of these homes had a pool and a spa
  • FIREPLACES: All San Marino estates had fireplaces.
  • CLOSET SPACE: All homes listed walk-in closets.

Surprisingly, the following list of features that you would expect be necessary for most of San Marino home buyers were NOT a given in the luxury San Marino market place.

  • GUEST HOUSE: Less than half of these San Marino Estates had guest houses.
  • LARGE GARAGES: Most of these San Marino homes had a two to three car garage
  • TENNIS COURTS: Only 3 out of 13 estates had tennis courts.
  • RENOVATION: Quite a few of these San Marino luxury estates required significant renovations and upgrades.

Some additional amenities listed included gourmet kitchen with Viking appliances, a butler pantry, bomb shelters, finished basements and area zoned Air Conditioning units.


My question to you is, if you were to spend over $3,000,000 for a luxury estate, what would you expect to get? Are the amenities and features above in line with your expectations? Please comment below.

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