What makes one company stand out from the rest? Why do you use a particular service provider, real estate agent or go back to the same store time and time again?

As you purchase a product, at a minimum you'd expect to get a knoweldgeable salesperson, a hassle free experience and a fair price. But, what happens when something goes wrong after the purchase? I think what separates companies is how they address issues or problems as they occur.

A couple of weeks ago, I purchased a grill at Barbecues Galore in Pasadena. My sales rep was knowledgeable and explained all the features. The sale went smoothly and I was anxiously awaiting my new grill.

The grill arrived and from the start, I encoutered problems. The cart was bent - no problem. It was replaced immediately. Next, I tried to rotisserie a chicken and the rotisserie burner would not light. After several visits by the repair man and a replacement of the grill with a new one, the rotisserie burner would still not light. So - two weeks later, a new, very expensive grill and it still doesn't work.

My husband and I went into the Barbecues Galore today to see what will be done by the store. Given the recent decline in service, I wasn't expecting much.

We met with the General Manager, LaRae, who immediately advised us that she was aware of the situation and asked for a few minutes of our time while she calls her District Manager to see what she can do to rectify the situation.

After a few minutes, she came back with not one, but three options!

  • Option 1: Full Refund
  • Option 2: Grill will be repaired and we will get a 50% discount
  • Option 3: Pick any other grill in the store - Lynx or Viking included

All I can say is that we were absolutely blown away. A major WOW factor. I can tell you that when it comes time for a new grill or any accessories for a grill, I will only go to this Barbecues Galore store. It's located at 30 South Rosemead just a bit south of Colorado Blvd. Try them out!

How do you handle difficult customer service issues? Can you set yourself apart from the pack? Curious to hear your stories about good or bad service.