Thank you CRISNET MLS for reading my post Pictures are Worth a Thousand Words and a Fast Sale! Well... I can't really prove that my post was a catalyst :-) , but as of May 13th, CRISNET MLS implemented the following rule:

Important MLS Rule Change

New MLS Rule Regarding Photo with Listing Submission:

Each residential* listing in the MLS shall have at least one photo, to be submitted within five business days of the listing submission.
Failure to comply will result in an assessment per the MLS Rules Assessment Fee Schedule.

*Residential includes residential income, rental, mobile home, single family and condominiums.

Good for CRISNET! Maybe next time, they will have a minimum of 5 or 6 photos vs. just 1, but one step at a time.

PFAR and IMRMLS - are you listening? I think it's time to implement a similar policy to protect home sellers from flaky real estate agents.